2hand WW barb speed build, 80+m/hour 6-7min clears

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    personally i have no idea why would one invest into IAS on barb right before release of PvP, he will be more of a utility tank built for some burst rather than dps since sustained type of dmg sucks on melee chars in team-based arena games.
    especially in diablo where ranged classes got waaay too much mobility and crowd control, additionally barb's set of gapclosers sucks big time (nothing direct, direction-based charge with high cd, aoe-based leap with high cd and easy to dodge even for mobs like soul rippers or imps)

    ik set will be prolly bis at pvp cuz of passive fury gen and crowd control reduction in bootz, fury from battle rage doesn't seem reliable at all when you cannot spam attacks freely
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    Pvp is whole different story. I think without serious stack of cc reduction and life regen there is no chance to survive too long vs all that ranged spam as barb. Pretty much whole gear will need to be changed for pvp anyway.
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    but we can try to estimate who will have to re-gear more if everything in pvp works as suspected:
    1) DW barb with trifecta jewelery, medium crit mempo, average witching hour, inna pants in addition to lacunis(mainly for atk speed, many DW barbs do that), high STR ice climbers (they got no CC reduction in comparison to ik boots)
    2) 2H barb with trinity jewelery(dmg range+cc+cd), decent full ik set and blackthorne's pants or some good rare-ones

    ps: i've got stomshield with perfect cc reduction and perfect block just in case D:
    bought it for nothing(~700k), ppl srsly put crit chance over cc reduction when guessing pvp direction
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    Imo both will be worthless. How you plan to hit anything with that 2h, assuming stuff is running away from you all the time, debuffing you with all kinds of cc, slow.
    Imo that fast dual wield barb if respecs to weapon throw will do better of those two, despite both doing terribly, without getting all items with heavy life regeneration and mitigation over dps. But that is just my prediction.
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    So some conclusions I've drawn after many more hours of playing with these builds:

    DW is really strong as long as both weapons are high dps so that hota hits hard enough to 1-2 shot elites.

    Sunkeeper + EF + SOJ is really strong because the 40% dmg to elites melts them.

    Hitting the 2.0 attack speed breakpoint without wotb basically trivializes fury gen and makes sure your tornadoes clean up all stragglers.

    Thunderstrike + overpower + charge is the fastest combo. Charge + OP kills many elites on its own, and thunderstrike 1) stops runners by stunning and 2) generates a ton of fury.

    If you can't or don't want to by a lifesteal weapon, a little bit of life on kill goes a long way.
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    BTw soj isn't really an option for max exp, you need to use both hellfire and leoric's.
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    Quote from aerialus

    BTw soj isn't really an option for max exp, you need to use both hellfire and leoric's.

    Sure, but its better for max item farming.
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