(Barb) How to Inferno 1.0.5?

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    Hi! Used to be somewhat active on these forums but I have been playing D3 on and off since release I only have about 250ish hours played. I just picked it up again to see 1.0.5 and am really enjoying it so I think I'll be here to stay a while as the game finally seems more polished. I just need some guidance.

    Pre nerfs about 1k resis all, 10k armor was needed defensively in order to clear Inferno (before MP)

    Last night I blew threw inferno with 600ish resist all, 9k armor, and 21kdps. Was using sword and board build. Continued through Act 1 MP1 and it was really sluggish so I switched to dps spec yet it just doesn't feel right .. yet I cannot explain why.

    So I come here to ask, how important does defense increase as MP increases? Could I do MP 1,2,3 with a dps spec and low resists? I just cannot measure how the difficulty has changed as I never cleared Act 3/4 pre nerfs. I know I know I'm a baddie! I just don't want to invest in all dps gear, and get to Act 2 of MP1 and get slaughtered. I'm not really sure how it works so it's why I asked.
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    Well, with ~500 all res, ~5k armor, ~40k hp and ~75k dmg you can pretty much clear inferno up to mp 3 or so, you can play in groups and even ubers on mp 5 max with these stats.
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    If your balancing your gear, AR/Armor/Vit/Life%/LOH/Lifesteal Then 600 AR, 6kArmor, about 500-1k LOH, 2.8%+ lifesteal. and at least 50k hp, you should be able to do whatever MP you want, so long as your skills are viable.
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