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    This is my barb. I am able to complete all of inferno on MP 1 fairly easy. I haven't really tried MP 2 or higher. Was having trouble with my next purchase.

    I have about 11 million of spending money and am willing to blow it all to make me that much better.

    Any suggestions would be cool.


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    Get gloves with 8+ crit chance. And helm with crit chance + socket.
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    Thanks for that. Around what res and Hp should i be at. Currently im at 40k hp and 800 all res. With 37k dps everything in normal and mp1 inferno is simple. But if i really want to get more damage out of my build what stats can i be at defense wise?
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    I was at around similar stats to yours not long ago, and I made the choice to sacrifice some resistance and hp in favor of dps upgrades. Sitting at 500'ish res and 35k hp I'm finding my self not really wanting to drop lower than that. It looks to me like you're lacking crit chance the most.In terms of defensive stats LoH/Life steal is ofc. important as well. I picked up an echoing fury earlier and decided to swap in my 3% life steal mace instead of the 890 loh axe I was using, and it seems to be working out alright. But untill you hit around 50-60k unbuffed I recommend that you focus on LoH.

    Also I'd recommend you to try out the scoundrel if you're soloing, the 3% crit works wonders and well his cc isn't bad either.Also at some point you might want to consider dropping war cry for either rend or overpower, a bit of a personal preference, but overpower scales well with high crit, meaning that you can pretty much keep up the 35% damage reduction from crushing advance all the time.

    Oh and for the record I'm currently doing MP4 at a somewhat comfortable level, could probably push it further, but only just gotten the necessary upgrades.

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