GODLY barb ammy !! some nice perfect rolls

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    It's currently listed on the US Auction House. Bidding is at 395mil. Buyout is 895mil

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    Not bad. I have one of each character so Id never sell this unless I had something to top it.

    Whats the cap on Resis All anyways? 72 has to be up there.
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    all resist cap is 80 for all items, I believe
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    not bad, not bad at all.

    It's not a perfect item, its missing crit chance, but c.damage and speed at top rolls are good enough.

    I would defintely sell this kind of items outside of AH. 15% cut is a lot (almost a whole hundred million),
    also you can make bidding longer.
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    It's only missing one crucial stat - crit chance. Amulet is a source of 10% CC and completely missing it for a barb in any build (barbs are very heavy crit dependent) is a big deal. Otherwise not bad
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    Sorry but no Crit Chance and no life on hit make this item not even worth 100m imho :/
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    Quote from Randylol

    Sorry but no Crit Chance and no life on hit make this item not even worth 100m imho :/


    395m? i don't think so..but i like the gf on it! :D
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    Yeah.. buyout 895? I would never ever buy such an amulet with that price because its missing crit chance. Although its pretty nice roll!
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