New inferno barb, little help

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    Hey everyone. I am leveling my barb to 60 and not too sure which build i should be shooting for.

    A few things before the responses saying i need to spend millions, my budget is about 500k-1million (max) because i normally try and get drops myself.
    I am also playing with my wife (who is a DH) and infact thats the main reason i am making the barb (when i play with my wizard we are both fairly glass cannon so we fall over a bunch lol). We can do MP2 fairly easily with only reflect damage being the bane of our existence.

    I've seen a bunch of builds in the past about shield barbs just taking a beating or 2h rend barbs who just don't care how much damage they take. Want to stay melee though, while the whole weapon throw thing looks like a ton of fun I want to be in the thick of it.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    500k-1mil is a very small budget.. I think any barb you build is gear dependent. The SnB barbs have a ton of life a ton of ehp, the 2h rend build have massive damage that lets rend do its job and keep them alive and the throw build... well hell i don't know anything about that one :)

    Check on the first page or second page of the main website here- someone did a budget barb build
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    My main is a barb but I'm also a casual players that does not spend hours a day playing. ( maybe 10 hours a week total.) But I have ran through inferno and got some knowledge about barbs. Hook us up with a link for profile and let us have a look.
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    depending on the dps your wife brings with her toons, you can quite easily make a sword n board barb for cheap... just have to search for gear and try at most to spend only 100 k per piece, splurging on the amulet and weapons is the biggest things

    build for armor, all resist, phys resist vitality and life % where u can get it, and try to get some crit + attack speed on rings amulet/gloves. attack speed only for low budget stuff will help a lot =) good luck!
  • #5 Here he present how to gear a budget barb. It's WW which i wouldn't recommend for such budget, but the general stats are similar. In my opinion you should try 2h rend build (check my profile for details: CrazyYuan on EU, i can't post links yet).
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    imo he wont have enough gold to effectively make the ww spec work, nor the rend build... should go straight for sword and board, besides his wife is playing DH and she'll have most all the dmg they'll need for the lower MP levels, and he can tank/spec for crowd control and such... group build :D
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    I have read a few guides now and sword and board is probably where i will be heading. I think I have a few high STR/Vit/All res pieces floating around my stash but i need to finish getting the barb to 60 (just hit 50 this afternoon so should be there by maybe monday night).

    I am not really woried about the damage I deal as long as it isnt useless.

    I am asuming that LoH is > life steal at the lower dps numbers.

    Excuse the not having the right rune names but i am typing between dinner and desert with the inlaws lol.

    Now for the sword and board as i understand it:

    + armor shout w/ all res,
    ignore pain with the life gain rune
    Wrath of the beserker cause its well wrath of the zerker.
    Frenzy as the generator
    Sismic slam (havnt really used this yet, as i get it its for the knock back and AoE
    rend with life gain?

    Butwhat about passives. This is the part i am really confused on (Nerves of steel (+armor = vit one), + armor passive plus? Not reall;y sure.

    Will check back after dinner.
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    yes LoH is better than life steal with anything less than 80k damage or so. As for the skills i'm not 100% sure but the passives you can go super defensive if you want like you said, nerves of steel, tough as nails, superstition. Or swap some out if you want to up the damage like weapon master or ruthless. Depends more on your play style.
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    My build is pretty strange, I honestly just do what I want. My damage isn't through the roof, nor is my health! But I still manage my way through inferno with mp5 quite comfortably.
    Bashiok - Blizzard Representative - 08/01/2011 -"So how many skill combinations are there now? Well taking into account 6 active skills, all the rune combinations, and 3 passives we currently expect each class to have roughly 2,285,814,795,264 different build combinations."

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    Thanks guys,

    I am rolling!bVe!YccZbZ right now although thinking about getting rid of rend for something else as unless I am in an AoE scenario it doesnt seem to be that helpful.

    I found an 850 dps axe in my stash with some Lifesteal that I will use till i find something better. just waiting the next couple hours before i hit 60 (just hit 58) and see where my stats actually fall. I'll post my profile once i hit 60.
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    ok just hit 60 and made some really inexpensive purchases and found a cheap helm of command (not the best stats but i was using a lvl 43 helm when i hit 60...)

    I had half descent gear for about half my slots (weapon, shield, belt, boots,legs) but the weapon is where I am doubting as i know LoH is better just havnt had time to really look at the AH.

    I just tried MP 5 inferno and it wasnt so bad, probbaly go down to mp 3 with the wife and see how that plays out.

    As a shield barb, other then LoH and standard str, vit, AR what am i looking for in upgraded stats (other then the obvious shield and weapon)

    oh yeah profile

    seismic slam has changed about 5 times to different spells and rune combos but the rest of my kit I seem to like right now. just not enjoying seismic slam...any other suggestions?

    edit: bad spelling i have
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    working on getting attack speed, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage, as well as a stormshield with good stats would be my next priority moving on from here. You've got a decent set, picking up the afformentioned stats will help increase your fury generation and dps as well, all the while constantly look for life %, life regen per second, and more vit/all resist in your gear slots as well would help.

    Bracers can roll with crit, gloves all 3 as cc and cd, rings and necks as well can roll with all 3... if you're intent on sticking with the tank spec, keeping up your all resists and vit is super important... looking for life % and regen as extra stats on your other slots is a priority too, but i wouldn't make that an immediate priority :) every bit will help eventually tho :D good luck!
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    Right now, A shield will be one of your most inexpensive purchases, especially to get a really good one. Right now, your main concerns should be + armor, str, vit, and AR. Bracers, gloves, and amulets that do not have crit/crit damage/attack speed are extremely cheap right now, so you should be able to find some really good buys. While frenzy-smite is pretty decent, you will see more of a benefit from frenzy-maniac as the stacking damage applies to all of your abilities. You can also find leg armor that has 1 or no sockets that can make up for it in higher str/vit along with having AR on them, as AR is your most important stat right now. With boots, its basically the same deal.

    You also have enough life where when you get your AR up to around 400, you can consider swapping your vit gems for str gems to help your dps out.
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    cool thanks all. I knew the shield was going to be one of my main pieces to switch due to the fact the tower was just sitting in my stash. Now lets see what drops also :P
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    Get a Stormshield. It is very cheap atm. and performs great together with your Helm of command. I had one before I went Skorn and it served me well.

    There are good ones for as cheap as 100k. Only the ones with crit are expensive.
    After that I'd go for IK Gloves and Belt as they are cheap too and very good.
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