Don't know what to buy next ~ 40 Mil Budget

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    Hey guys,

    I'm torn between updating my weapons or getting IK chest... or maybe new pants. Please give me some suggestions. Maybe I need to buy something else entirely. I have about 40-45 million to burn. What do you guys think. I'm also having trouble on MP 6-7 ubers. I've seen other barbs just WW tank with lifesteal, but my guy get owned too fast by bees, reflect, poison etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get a main hand mace (or axe if its DPS is ~4% higher at least for the same price and stats). Then get with an offhand with more stats and less DPS. They won't even cost you more than your current and let you kill much faster (even if your DPS on your character screen will appear lower).

    Get 12% more movement speed, preferably from lacuni's.

    Your chest piece is horrible, even for a few mil you can get much better (high vit, high res, sockets and maybe a bit of STR). Same goes for pants.

    Don't use vit gems, only strength. Buying gear with more strength on it and less vit and then making up for it with vit gems will cost you more for the same total stats, as str is a more expensive stat on items than vit is, while str gems are basically the same price as vit gems. Buying a socketed item and socketing vit in it is basically like paying for the more expensive str but only getting the cheaper vit. It's not that hard to be efficient here.

    Get a better exp gem. With a 40mil upgrade budget at least 2mil of that should go towards a better gem... Heck, you put a star gem in your ring but not in your helm? Seriously? The experience bonus is worth so much more than a few measly points of str.

    Get life steal on belt, even if you don't invest any extra gold and just lose some strength on it.

    Bottom line: Try be more efficient with your gold. Pay for the stuff that give you the biggest benefit for the minimum amount of gold. You'll do much better if you use that mindset when you look for upgrades.
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    Those are some good suggestions. I'm fixing my gem setup. I had the vita chest back when I had 28k health. I'm thinking about getting bul-kathos weapons since I'm raged starved a lot, but can go with a mace instead. What do you guys think.

    More suggestions plz
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    Just one thing to chime in on from GalZohar - you do want move speed and while lacuni's can give it to you, the bracers are trash without the right stats. And those good ones are way more than 40m so I wouldn't bother with those. IK boots/Inna's can give it to you.

    How are you getting rage starved? 33.5% cc is what? High 50's in game? I'd imagine through that you should be fine.

    But 40m budget you can easily upgrade your pants and chest with high stats that also provide sockets so i'd probably start with that. I'd also get rid of that hellfire ring unless you're using it to level
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    he's fury starved because he has 43% crit (spear in main hand gives attack speed, not crit) and his off hand has 1.2 speed
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    Yes, low crit due to wrong weapon master passive plus slow overall attack speed doesn't help at all for fury generation.

    I think with Inna's you lose more stats compared to Lacuni if you invest the same, so I'm not sure it's a real solution. In any case, whatever amount of stats you lose is still worth it for 24% movement speed, just make sure you lose as little as possible for your budget. Also, don't forget that losing more stats on the movement speed item and using the money saved to upgrade something else is also an option to take into consideration.
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