how much gold does it take

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    to get to 100k dps

    whats the optimal life for mp4 mp5 for barb?
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    Life depend on armor/resist, throwing out a single number won't help you achieving similar results.

    Looking at your gear you missed the option to gain a bunch of strength on shoulder/belt, i'd start there. Second trifecta dps stat on amulet, some average damage on your rare ring and a strength hellfire ring (yours offer zero damaging stats besides 28!!! strength).
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    From looking at you profile there are alot of areas you could improve. With Crit chance below 30%, I would look to get that up a little more. Look for a chest piece with 3 sockets. Running Vit gems in your legs is a bad ideal also, try maybe changing them for str. If you have the gold for it maybe pick up a Skorn with good stats. And having both weapons with a socket would help also. Besides that the rest would depend on what gold you are working with. Your Hellfire ring even though its fun to have doesn't really help you out so much with only 28 str. And from the looks of it you are running with your Scoundrel which kinda sucks. Should run with Enchantress for better armor. But these are just my thoughts, do like you wish and check diablo ranking and see what the top players are running.
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    so i m guessing, barb could aim for somewhere between 40-45k ? i have decent resist, around 500-600 ish unbuffed
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    for some reason, i im having problem with fury starving, that i m not able to ww indefinitely if there's not enough mobs surrounding me
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    that would be not enough crit chance!
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    i have 47% crit chance unbuff
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    Believe it or not you would pick up dmg and fury gen just by switching your weapons your off hand has a higher top end and you want a faster offhand. you wouldnt pick up character screen dps but you would do more dmg when killing stuff
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    well, i have another offhand in my bag that i found, like 816 dps, 2.7 life steal, 150 str, dagger with 11% ias
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    i tried using dagger OH, still not enough fury sustain, @ 47 crit, maybe need more ias?
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    The prices for items on the AH have constantly changed since launch. Earlier things could be had for very cheap IK pieces etc, nobody earned much gold yet. Then prices went up and now they are in the process of going down. So almost everyone had paid a different price, through a combination of collected gold, found items, sold items, deals on items.

    You will probably be paying more now as a WW barb as the market is in high demand with many WW alts being fueled by other chars.
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    you can prolly break 100k, for about 50m on anyone. just gotta farm the AH for deals, and plan out your gear properly
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