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    So as most of the posts in this forum are about gear and farming, but I just have a simple question of does anyone have any recommendations for leveling a barb? Coming back from a break from the game nothing about leveling my barb seems efficient anymore.

    Any suggestions would help.
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    If you have some gold from a level 60 character, buy items with lowered level cost. You can find a level 60 weapon that can be used by a level 47 (or even lower) toon that will make levelling that much easier. You can also pick up helmets with a socket, and buy the most expensive ruby you can afford and place it in the helm for increased exp. You should also try either setting the MP as high as you can while still soloing at a decent rate, or see if you can convince a 60 friend to help run you through runs of act 3 on MP10 for super quick levelling.
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    I mean I normally play DH and farm regularly but was just more looking for tips on the fury generator to use and spenders and the best way to deal with large packs. Is MP 10 the only efficient way to get rushed? Or would tagging along with friends in MP 1 while they farm be efficient as well?
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