Looking for some gearing tips for WW barb

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    I been trying to master my WW barb and I can just farm act 3 but I still die quite a bit with some elites.
    What do I need to upgrade? (have about 3 mil, so not much I can do there)
    Is Bul-Katho's wedding ring worth it or can I better just get a other ring?


    Would I be able to farm in MP 2 or 3 when the patch hits?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You need more health and life on hit/ life leech.

    I think you will have problems running your current setup in MP3.
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    Maybe look for a better offhand with more loh? Or get a better chest piece? What would he first thing be to upgrade?

    I can't seem to find if Bul-Kothos weeding ring is a good option for the life leech?
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    Just did some AH searches on EU (just as an example), you should be able to get a fast offhand with low damage with over 600 LoH + Life steal + crit dmg + socket for under 1mil, that is a good start, getting a chest with 3 sockets, all res, vit+str shouldn't cost ya more then 500-800k.

    Next piece i suggest you replace is your amulet, you can get ALOT of stats for under a mil.

    Thats what i would do for now, but to be honest, with your gear and budget, i don't see anything above MP1 or max MP2 being worth your time, dying a lot kind of ruins the fun and demoralize you, so i suggest you focus on MP1 until you have some better gear, thats just my opinion though, but its more productive going down a notch and clearing faster then dying 2-3 times per run, and considering the HP difference between the MP levels and your dmg, i would stick to the 2 lowest MP levels.
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    Wasn't planning to play on high MP levels.
    Thanks for the advice, I will try it out!
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    Sorry for double post:

    Bought a new main hand. It gives me a lot more survivability. Maybe it's best to wait for patch 1.05 to buy a new amulet? I can do a Alkaizer farm run in about 30 mins and died twice because of the burst dmg from fallen maniac.

    What do you think of my new offhand bought it for 200K?
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    Hi there again!

    Sorry for spamming this topic. I've been getting better every day!

    For what upgrade should I farm now? Thanks in advance!
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    Looking at your chest armour surrounded by all those legendary and set items makes my eyes hurt! Replace it quick! :) :P
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    Should I look for a legendary or a set item or just a good rare? IK chest is a bit expensive for me right now. Any good legendary rings out there for me?
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    For chest armour, a good rare should do it. I know the worst IK chest is about 50mil and the stats can be horrible. A decent Blackthorne's is about 30mil.

    I've just realised you're actually going to lose strength by doing this, maybe it's not such a good idea. Depends how you are surviving with the amount of resists you currently have.
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    i've been looking for a chest but they are all very expensive and probably not a very good upgrade. I can stay alive in MP4 expect when I get one hitted by some mobs. So maybe I could use some more AR. But can't seem to find a chest in my immediate price range that would benefit me.

    Personally I think I need to look for 2 new rings with high CC and CD? Maybe new boots? I only have 7 mil right now but I can farm for more especially if I know what to farm for.
    It's hard cues I'm getting to the point where the upgrades I can do cost a lot of gold in my opinion.

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    I'm seeing a lot of people referring to http://d3up.com/b/80911
    Can someone explain how i need to work with this?

    With my current setup I can handle MP 5 but it goes slow atm.
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    Quote from Hjorvarth

    I'm seeing a lot of people referring to http://d3up.com/b/80911
    Can someone explain how i need to work with this?

    With my current setup I can handle MP 5 but it goes slow atm.

    It refers to your true dps and your EHP (basically what EHP means is that it is the equivalent amount of life that you would have if you did not have any all resist/armor. It is the amount of raw damage that it would take to kill you before mitigation such as armor, dodge, etc come into play). Looking at it, your EHP is really low both in turn due to a lower all resist amount and health amount. Looking further into it, you will not see the benefit to any +%life items until you have more vitality. Since you have ~450 AR after including int, and 28k HP, I would recommend trying to find some items with similar stats to what you have, but with more vit. As for DPS, while those Lacuni prowlers are nice for the movement speed they provide, you would probably be better suited to get yourself a decent pair of bracers with some crit chance, str, vit and AR on them for about the same that you would sell the lacunis for (lacunis without crit have tanked in value recently). You would also get some great EHP benefit if you went for a helm that has a socket (put a purple gem in that socket) at the expense of some of that crit chance. If you get bracers with some crit chance on them, this would more than make up for the ~1.5% crit chance that you would lose. Also, you can get fire walkers with a ton of vit (100+) for very cheap on the AH, for mine I paid 3 mil and they had 160 str/140 vit.
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    you can get an amazing chest upgrade for cheap but you will have to sac some str cause you need the vita and resists. also when looking for a chest for cheap dont go for 3 sockets you can get an amazing chest with 1-2 sockets that is comparable to a 3 socket chest for millions less when on a budget avoid sockets on chest and pants you can still get a awesome piece without sockets. plus i find that since most of your dmg comes from weapons and jewelery i tend to focus more on vitality/ resists on chest/pants
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    thanks for the tips. I have found a shenlong with a socket so if it's good I can get 50 mil for it so I can do some higher end upgrades :)

    Just did 2 infernal machine runs and got 6/6 organs :) 2 rings with 6 machines on MP 5 amazing. 1 rolled very bad and 1 a bit better then the ring I had.

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    Is the cheapest IK (50 mil) worth it to buy? or should I keep my money and wait till I have more for a better one?
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    I was just doing upgrades for my barb, and from what I've seen, you can get as good armor as cheapest IK for about half the price (close to my stats IK was 60mil, mine armor was about 32mil).
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    What do you guys think of my barb now?


    The helmet is just for farming got a better one.

    I'm thinking I need to upgrade my weapons?

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    Quote from Hjorvarth

    What do you guys think of my barb now?


    The helmet is just for farming got a better one.

    I'm thinking I need to upgrade my weapons?


    Upgrading weapons simply by getting sockets would be the way to go (you can also shoot for a higher dps offhand because you are now at the point where the damage from whirlwind is pretty nice. Though your Lacuni bracers are nice, you would benefit more from critical hit chance than you would from attack speed at the time (imo its worth the loss of 12% runspeed). You can find a really good pair of bracers that have much higher strength and 6% crit for a very reasonable price.

    For weapons (an echoing fury with a socket is going to be out of your price range most likely), but if you get a weapon that has as low as 930 dps, but has a socket and crit damage (as well as half the strength) will net you quite a nice dps increase (around 2k). I used my personal weapon (934 dps 131 str, 86 vit, 50% crit damage, and a socket with a 90% crit damage gem), and it gives you almost 3k dps and a little over 3k life. For an offhand, you simply would need a socket in addition to the kind of stats you already have, and it should be fine. The offhand will either have less overall dps, or less crit damage, but you will end up gaining crit damage either way due to the gem itself. You can honestly keep the Echoing fury if you choose, and instead pour more gold into finding an offhand dagger with similar stats, but with a socket... especially if that offhand has above 70% crit damage.

    Also if you switch out of tough as nails to bloodthirst, with your damage, you will see a increase in healing versus the slight amount more damage taken. You have a ton of armor as it is, and you would benefit greatly from switching your war cry to either war cry-impunity, or given that you get more crit chance (i find that around 48% crit chance this option is great), try out overpower-crushing advance. OP-CA is great against large groups of enemies (which is most of the alkizer run) because the constant stream of crits makes overpower come off of cooldown usually before the buff it provides falls off, and the 35% damage reflect is actually the same thing as taking 35% less damage overall (the way its worded, and indeed works in game is it redirects 35% of the damage rather than just samples the damage like reflect does). You can usually keep OP-CA up even on single elites 50-80% of the time which roughly equivocates to slightly better EHP overall. Looking at your EHP on d3up (your base EHP being 353k), with War Cry-Impunity, you have 436k EHP, with War Cry-Hardened Wrath you have 435k EHP, and with OP-CA active (which it will be at least 50% of the time, but likely more), you have 543k EHP. I know you mentioned that your current helm is not your better helm, but a Purple Star gem in your helm raises your EHP by 50k.

    You can also find gloves that have less str, but around the same crit (9.5-10%) with some crit damage and AR for a great price as well, (for you right now, each point of strength is worth 25 dps, while crit damage is 190 dps. You would have to lose basically all of your strength in order to cancel out even 20% crit damage). IF you grab new gloves, you can also find an inexpensive IK helm for a great price provided it is missing a stat, or has low AR... I got my new IK helm last night (170 str, 12% life, 25 AR, 5.5% crit, socket) for less than 25 mil. Granted prices on EU are higher than US, but it would be a worthy upgrade until you can afford a well rolled mempo.

    For MP1-3, your barb should be just fine, but you can make some of the changes I mentioned so that you can efficiently farm mp5 at around the same speed as 3.
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