WW Barbs Nerfs in patch 1.0.5 and what you need to Upgrade before the patch hits

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    Quote from BQorBD

    hm, i still dont get it...

    my crazy math!

    if they nerf run like the wind for 0.2 to 0.08
    that is what 2000 LoH is in 04
    it will be like 800 LoH in 05
    x 25% monster nerf we could say it buff you ...
    then its 0.08 x 1.25 = 0.1
    so LoH from like run the wind is more or less nerfed by 50%

    we fix that with more Loh ??
    example: you have 2x 700 Loh wepons = 1400 Loh,
    you go for wepons that have 700 Loh and LS (2<3)
    than you get some Ls on belt and you/ME will be fine?!

    i tryed to switch my 2k Loh in 04 (with that i dont die at all) to 9LS in 04 and i get rly raped some times (have around 50k dps).
    so rly dont know wtf to expect when patch is up :/

    I have same problem, i guess our dps is way to low. Aiming for 80k is the mission. Mayb add some more IAS...
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    i have some 800 loh at the moment and tried 1.0.5. at mp4 and was quite ok. the difference was that i gained life and fury slower - about 30-50% slower (my feeling no calculus involved).
    But instead i managed to WW way more and that compensated for the fury, loh and damage loss of the tordadoes nerf.
    To make things better instead of getting more loh i aquired a mempo for the attack speed.

    but in 1.0.5 it feels right - it is right for the monsters to die by my weapon not by my swirling f*rts...
    in 1.0.4 when i feel threatened by some elite combination i kite with tornades and they die :) - it's unnatural.

    also the nerf of warcry was felt rather hard (600 now unbuffed)
    as an article said - they upped life of the mosters more then the damage - so in order to get to higher MP one must seek more damage output that mitigation.
    so doing ok now at MP4 in order to get to 6-7 i must first of all get some more resists and maybe some loh/ll. I could do both if i would change my main. i'll think about what could i trade for the 40% mf from my main...
    i feel confortable with the 50k dps (60 buffed with battlerage) - but maybe the mf from the MP and the growth in paragon over time will get some new cheaper item in the market - or hopefully drop.

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    Fix with more LOH or more life steal, yes (before, LOH was obviously better than life steal even for high DPS, but now you need less DPS for life steal to be better than LOH as life steal wasn't nerfed).

    You can't fix the fury generation, though, even with all the extra crit, attack speed and passives you could start using which you weren't using before, you're still not going to come close to 1.0.4 values, and thus you might be able to keep sprinting and whirlwinding but your WotB is just going to fall off much more often.
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    I have already replaced warcry/impunity with Overpower/crushing advance, I'm loving it.


    Is the build i will be using, on live i use Boon of bul-kathos,but its not really needed in 1.0.5 for MP 3 and beyond, so superstition is an awesome replacement, with the reduced elemental damage and the chance for fury gain.

    Crushing advance is pure gold with this build, the damage it absorbs is superior to warcry in 1.0.5, and combined with battle rage/into the fray it gives a nice chunk of fury as well.

    All in all, replacing boon and warcry for overpower and superstition adds a nice amount of defense and fury regain.
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    Just for kicks I tried the PTR... Absolutely no changes to build and gear and I still don't see myself using any other build for farming anything (I would get some gear upgrades, though most are stuff I would have gotten anyway in due time).

    Only problem I noticed is act 3 key warden does a lot of damage on MP4, so may need to revert back to war cry and/or simply upgrade some resistances/loh/ls. Not sure about the other wardens and the ubers as I haven't spent that much time testing.

    Sure the build doesn't run as fast due to losing WotB much more often, but it's still faster than anything by far. After all, even at the optimal efficiency MP levels for just about any gear level you will spend most of your time just running through stuff, meaning movement speed is still more important than just about anything, and it's not like sprint's damage is weak - It's actually more or less on par with other spenders anyway along with being much more fury efficient when used with into the fray.

    In short - Stick with the barb and this build for sure, just upgrade your overall gear for more surival and maybe a bit more DPS depending on where your current stats are at.

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    I'm trying to figure out where to go from here too, just need the money. Haha.
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    Has anyone tested Overpower? I'm thinking about changing from War Cry to Overpower to deal more damage. Need some advices.
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    If you aren't dying then momentum is really great for more WotB uptime and overall less fury struggle. If you're dying, though, crushing advance gives more damage reduction than warcry if you keep it up (and you should keep it up most of the time in combat).
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    i have not tried overpower but will definitely try it tonight - together with superstition.
    until now in mp4 i can feel the loss of armor and resists... so i will try to switch some gear in order to get more... with that much health on monsters better 3-4k less damage but more survivability. as it doesn't matter if it takes 2 min or 3 min to kill a pack - it is important to survive the 2-3 minutes.

    also i had to let go to my 280 str/42MF/5dmg against elits Sun Keeper in order to get a from the stash a spear with the same 950 damage but with 700 loh, 2.5 LL and 55 crit. Only 5k drop in DPS but waaaay more survivability. now i can do mp4 with only a couple of deaths/clear.

    it'll get better over time as i can get more resists/armor and maybe some decent MH in order to reach a 70-80k damage.
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    i played MP3 and died a lot.
    after few hours of gear / skill combine i can now play MP5 with almost no problem

    i started with 40k hp, around 500 allresist, 8.5 LS and 500 LoH and 40k unbuffed dmg, with rend build (no war cry), i got raped in MP3!! :QQ:
    so i fixed my gear with "Blade of the warlord", that 19life per fury is awsome, than i jumped in MP4 and it was nice, after i put up "war cry" back agein and superstition i had no biger problem even in MP5. :Thumbs Up:

    this is my build and gear now: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BicBozji-2911/hero/15025118
    will try push MP6 today...
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    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    If you care about xp, you should lower MP level until all trash dies in 1 run-through so you never have to go back and kill trash. It will give you much more xp/hour and loot/hour than anything else. Keys/hour will suffer, though, as those are better at higher MP levels.

    If you don't care about xp you can play higher monster power and just skip all trash and you will gain a small bonus to your loot/hour and a decent bonus to your keys/hour. You will lose a lot of xp/hour by doing this, though. If you kill all normal monsters you will lose less xp/hour but will also lose mf/hour and keys/hour as a result and thus if you kill normal mosnters you're simply better off at lower MP so that you can 1-shot them.
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    i just tested what is best combination of gear and build to push fast in higher MP

    i come up with this build i play now (tested around 80M gear and all kind of combination)

    think for now ill stick to MP5 with this build and gear
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