Hi can someone give me recommandations for my new barb? :D

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    This is my barb :D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/lesliesoon-6863/hero/26726398 can someone recommand me a build? I got those equipment ( whether crappy or not) from my wiz. I am not planning to buy any stuffs for my barb as of now. Could someone kindly recommand me a build or give me a link of builds that fits in best for equipment with that stats? thanks

    Other stats
    Crit hit dmg: 147
    crit chance: 34.50 with ruthless
    atk per sec: 1.42
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    What do you want to accomplish with your build? You have no rage spender so i'd go with battle rage/marauder's rage since the fury generation via into the fray - rune won't help you do anything. And i'd add berserker rage to your passives, that's +25% more damage on everything while actually fighting stuff. Inspiring Presence won't be really needed with 1.0.5 and Battle Rage lasting 2 minutes on it's own.

    I won't link you any cookie cutter build, try to stick to the things you like about your build and adapt as you play. If you can't kill stuff fast enough you either need more defense, offense or sustainability. If you feel uncomfortable with the damage you eat take some steps back, pick up defensive passives (nerves of steel, tough as nails) and pick up warcry/impunity as long as it lasts (after getting some resist, else i'd go with hardend wrath). If you need more healing drop overpower for revenge/provocation, simply as that.

    I actually can't believe you're stuck in A3 hell, you should have no problem progressing to (even through) act 2 inferno.

    Oh and start using a companion, no reason not to give them some gear. It's free dps with some utility and running without one is just gimping you in several ways.
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    Take that ruby out of your weapon and put in an emerald!
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    OMG, have you no real resistance, at all? Definitely work on that ... you'll be slaughtered in Inferno without resists. Other than that, the above posters are correct ... you are definitely a melee build. And right now, I'd concentrate on kiting and slowly wearing the mobs down rather than standing your ground and trying to outlast them.
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    Haha thanks for the info and yes i am only going to finish inferno and continue on my wizard i just want to know what skills to use :)
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