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    Was wondering if somebody could check out my gear and tell me how to best improve my dps.
    I can clear act 3 with a couples of death, but it takes a long time to kill elites.
    So i was just wondering what to buy next for that big dps gain.

    eu.battle(dot)net/d3/en/profile/Triditon-2618/hero/177441 (sorry cant post links yet)


    ps my budget is 15-20 mil
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    Some more crit, would raise your dmg a few thousand.. so get 4% crit on helm to start with.

    Both 1hander's would be good to have a socket aswell. some more vitality would do good also, up to 45k is recommended.
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    Got a socket in the offhand
    The main one would cost to much
    But gonna try with the helm advice

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    i bought a 870 dps wep, with natural critdmg & socket + 550 life on hit for 10mil

    I can see you are from denmark ;) add me ingame Kredes#2663
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    Yeah i know you get some good "rare" main hands but i just want the life on fury spent that you get from blade of warlord.
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    As i can see youre playing a WW Build, but you only have +14.5% unbuffed Crit. You really should switch out your Legendary Main Hand for a Axe/Mace cause its a Mighty Weapon and you wont get the 10% Crit from Weapons Master.

    Regarding the Life per Fury: Even if you assume you whirlwind all the time (and i doubt you can with this low crit rate) you gain about 300 Life every 1 or 2 Second. Thats easily compensated by a good rare with LoH or Lifereg
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    I got 24.50 % crit unbuffed, dont know why it says i only have 14.5%.....

    Got a mighty weapon because i get the extra fury witch i need to keep up Berserker
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