Problem with me or my barbarian

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    hello everyone,

    i know most of the community hates threads like this, but im completly clueless at the moment, im playing a tank barbarian, im currently "progressing" through inferno act 4, but not just the champion packs but the simple mobs are destorying me

    i tried out 3 different gear setup with many many spec and i just cant figure out what is wrong

    this is the spec i play with some minor tweaks ocassionally:!bVc!acaacZ

    this is my barbarian:

    my "dps" gear is: 53 k h, 900+ all ress, 11 k armor and 19 k dps
    my "block" gear is: 49 k hp, 790+ all ress, 9 k armor, 46 % block chance and 13 k dps
    my life on hit gear is: 49 k hp, 850+ all ress, 9 k armor, 13 k dps and 1560 life on hit

    i might playing my barbarian completly wrong or i play with the wrong spec or i dont know but i hope people here with more experience could help me out what is the problem

    thanks for the answers
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    Act 4 creeps are just high dmg, keep moving and try to use new rend to help with dmg especially when kiting.
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    thanks for the tip, i just killed diablo with 5 nv stack, i never seen rend as a useful stuff but this changed my opinion :)
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