WW Barb, Act 3-4 Gearcheck. Please & Thank you.

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    So stuck in act 3 right after ghom, don't quite feel im doing as much damage as i could, and my survivability is poor, so if you wouldn't mind go ahead and look me over and tell me what you would improve gear wise.

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    Sorry to say but... everything mate. More dmg, more surv stats in general. To point out the 2 most obvious, hp is too low and so is crit chance. That particular Skull Grasp isn't very good and some items are 59 so less armor and small budget on them. Too many items without vit and bracer has no crit (the items that have- its low) .. :(
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    The most common mistake a person who is starting off as a WW barb makes is choosing DPS over survivability. You can clear inferno with as little as 14k dps as long as you have the surivability to back you up. You need to bring up your vitality to the 900-1000 range, you need atleast 500 all resists (un buffed), and from what i see your armor is fine. Another stat that you definitely need to boost is your life on hit. You need to get about 1200 life on hit minimum in order for you to sustain your health as you are taking damage. You need atleast 35% critical chance (with berserker) in order to maintain your fury generation adequately.


    That is my barbarian's set up right now, he definitely does not have "Godly" gear, but he walks through act 3 with little to no problems at all in 1.04. 1.03 he had a little bit of difficulty, but with the huge damage nerfs in the new patch barbarians are definitely over powered.
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    Quote from Turtel

    Sorry to say but... everything mate. .. :(

    Sorry to say, but i think you're wrong...
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    I also find it a lot easier to farm a3 in multiplayer now. It's also more enjoyable for me to have some social interaction while playing!!
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