Need help, with gear, I'm a complete nub :(

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    So first thing I wanted to link my profile so you could see what crap I'm wearing, but my profile doesn't update.

    EDIT : it's my NA profile? do we have this for EU?

    Second point I only played 3 weeks after release, back then I didn't rush inferno but created all the heroes . . . witch makes me believe that I'm way poorer then the guys that rushed inferno.

    So I don't have much gear nor do I have money (won't spend money in the RMAH) what do I do?

    Farm A1, try to craft gear . . . spend the little money I have on gear and try to farm A3?
    Inferno should be way easier now, but . . . it's still to hard for me and it feels like I'm making no progress at all.

    A last point after all this QQ, what stats do I look for on what gear :( there is no point for me to buy stuff in the AH atm, because I have no clue what to look for now.
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    Farm act1 and get some more gear/gold, a nice run is festering woods>tower in northern highlands(50% spawnrate)>leorics manor 1-2 elite spawns in the yard and then all the way up to the butcher. You can get some paragon levels now as well while leveling. Once you get bored or it's really easy try act2/3.

    Depends a little on spec what you want on gear but mostly all ress, strength, crit chance/damage with enough vitality to be comfortable. Once you get into act3 some life regen, LoH really helps.
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    ty :)

    stats without buff :

    stats with buff :

    My biggest problem I think is my resist already buffed it a bit with a new shield that has res all, any other tips?
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    hmm... it seem that ur skill build look weird... WOTB with TOC need fury spender and generator. I see no spender and no generator skill that ur using. This based on ur profile that i see at this moment. For gear wise u can get max 300 str for shoulder and belt likewise 300 vit for chest(3 slot) and pants(2 slot). The rest is ur choice.

    The main point is : high dps (40k+) can have as low as 400 resist (unbuff) for all.
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