Struggling In Act 3 As WW Spec. Please criticize my gear!

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    Hi. I've been struggling a lot with act 3 and could really use some help determining what gear upgrades I should be looking for. Thank you in advance :D Link to my barb below
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    what you mean by struggling? you have low dps due low str and not rly high dps weapons, if u need more survi try droping ruthles or weaponmaster for tough as nails, you have alot of vit so you will gain more armor. but will lose dps. if you dont die alot and your survi is fine try better weapons and upgrade the gem in ofhand. in my opinion you have just to low dps for a3 the longer the fights take the more stuff can go wrong. so maybe farm a2 more
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    Your gear aint great, low strength on many items and your mainhand dps is really sad.

    Try again tomorrow and its 15% easier ;)

    From the patchnotes:

    Act III and Act IV
    • Normal monster health increased by 10%
    • Elite monster health reduced by 2.5%
    • Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 15%
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    I suggest the same. Wiat till tomorrow, and see if you can do it. If not change your main wep
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    Why do people tends to think post 1.03 means "you don't need gear to do Inferno"...
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