Need a good WW guide

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    I need a guide for WW barbarian, anyone got a link they can throw me ? :)
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    If theres a build that doesent really need a huge guide its that one. If you really must kripp has some video you can search youtube. I can just give you some guideline on what to do to faceroll everything as WW/Tornado barb. If its straigh WW barb no tornado, kripp has an older guide for that, but its pretty outdated even according to him.

    I faceroll eye closed act 3/4 with these stats, self buffed (no WOTB):

    hp 35000
    Resist all: 800-900 (depends on which one)
    Armor 8000
    Crit chance: 53%
    Crit damage: 350%
    LoH: 1850
    Life steel: 3.5%

    Slow Main hand mace with socket for crit dmg and 980 dps, 200 loh.
    Fast weak darkblade with 950 LoH, socket for crit dmg, crit dmg on the weapon too. Its dps is bad but its a stat stick for the spec.

    I use WW/tornado build with bash to start up and WOTB(chaos runes). Others love overpower but i can currently sit on most stuff anyway. Minus stacked plague, molten and desecrator all at once. Which doesent matter with my crit and battlerage im permantly in WOTB form immune to Crowd control and my damage peaking over 90k while in this form.

    Playing is pretty damn straigh foward, keep Battlerage on to generate fury from cirts. Run around, use WW to lay tornado on top of mobs pack. Bring as many enemy to the fight as possible to get most healing possible makes it easy. If you arent geared for some fight simply kite them around into your tornados until they die. If they really are still too much for your gear sprint away until they leave you alone and check for the next pack.

    Boss fights most ridiculous easy spec. WW keeping sprint up in circle around them, watch boss die in 10 second, collect loot.
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    aye Indeed also you can check official forums for good ones
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    Thanks very much for the help :)
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