what should i buy?

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    I'm over farming A1, what should I buy so that I can move into A2 or 3? Seems like in order to have all res, and MF gear you need to have 10 mill to spend on each piece of equipment. Also any suggestions on builds are welcome. I dont have a lot of gold by any means, so keep your suggestions in line with that. Could prolly spend 10-12 mill. Thanks!
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    you should post your stats + your gear, then we can advise.

    Pain in the ass cos its a copy and paste into MS paint, but....
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    Spent less than 6mil total and i'm able to farm act2 easily and act3 if I have time on my hands.

    But hey if you have 10 mil to spend, I'll gladly sell you my barb's gear.
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