Help me beat this game

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    so, this is my barb:

    Since I found the crit-ww build in this forum, I have a real blast playing him.

    It almost feels as in D2... almost since it's actually even more fun!

    Unfortunately I still have quite a hard time in act 3 inferno.

    So do you have any tips for me how I can improve my char and finally beat the game?

    As you can see, I have about 10 million to spend. For killing Diablo, I am even willing to change my build again but I don't want to swap my whole gear. So which one would be better for act 3 and 4 and also fitting the kind of stats I have?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Swapping Revenge for Sprint-Tornados and up your life on hit (eg: amulett, rings or weapon) -> win.
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    This seems like a fine idea.
    Unfortunately, LoH is so extremely expansive.

    As you can see, my weapon is socketed, would it be sufficent to swap the green gem for a purple one?

    These are the items, we are talking about:
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    armor passive (nerves or though as nail) is better for surivability than superstition, if mitigation is what you need.

    your armor is not balanced with your resists, have to keep a ratio around 10:1 for best results ;)
    (i.e 8k armor with 800 all res is perfect)
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    IMHO aktualy your build is a bit too offensive compared to your gear. With higher gear you will be able to get back but for now this you should pimp your defense a bit, not to much.

    Try this:

    - switch Weapon Master to Nerves of Steel

    - get a Shield with %block
    - get Helm of Command with Socket

    - switch Berserker Rune to 100% more DMG
    - switch Whirlwind with Leap (what rune fits to your playstyle it take 300% more armor)

    %block leads you to a huge survivability in akt 3. Around 30% block should be fine. A Socket in the Helm of Command should push your life to over 60k+.

    If you dont want to swap your build, just try to push your block.

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