How to roll through ACT2-3 Inferno with minimal gear

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    Just saw this... HOLY SHIT!!

    He's rolling through two blue packs, and several trashmobs at once without even melee hitting them.
    I tried contacting him, and he's telling me that now that his gear improved it's possible to pull an entire map and just kill them all.

    Gear requirement: Crit , minimal Resistances (300 - 600)
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    What exactly is he doing?

    Edit: Oh, slaughter on wrath of the berserker I guess

    Pretty op if you have enough crit :o
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    Quote from Jackal

    What exactly is he doing?

    He wouldn't really tell. He said he is afraid Blizz is going to nerf it.
    Additionally he mentioned that a litte life on hit makes it really overpowered.
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    he is prolonging his berserk phase all the time through fury gain.
    he spents fury through spamming seismic slam and then he lets himself get hit 1-2 times to gain some fury and this longens berserk again.
    while kiting with dmg buff on and sprint he can do insane dmg.
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    Punix is right i think... and his movementspeed is constantly increased while being CC IMMUNE!

    I so want to try this! *AH give me the crit gear!!!"
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    This spec is this i guess (not sure on the 2 remaining passives):!Z!cYZYcc
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    Nothing hes doing deserve a nerf. Its just absolutly brillant use of skills and in no way a game breaking mechanic.
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    So I understand the incoming fury making Wrath last longer, but I don't see how he is doing damage while running around and clearly not hitting the mobs. My only thought is Thorns but so many of those crits are happening without the mob hitting him. He doesn't have Rend or Revenge on his bars.... what is causing all the damage lol.

    EDIT: derp. I watched the video again at 1080p and I could see the tornados from Sprint this time, pretty lawl. I never gave them a chance because 60% seems so small but I guess with decent enough gear it pwns.
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    He came close to death a couple times, I would say this is as much skill as it is gear and spec. Which I would agree is not game breakingly OP.

    Gratz to this guy for learning a cool way of f*cking sh*t up!
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    u might see this video and think holy shit this is so op .. but its not .. it only works like 1 out of 5 times .. any jailer / waller / shielding / invulnerable minions and ur done .
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    And it was nerfed.
    The crits no longer procc Fury.
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    Yesterday the crits worked for Fury, and mobs can't Jail/wall you under the effects WoB...
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    The build is simple enough. You activate Battle Fury to get 15 rage from crits, then you spam Sprint, each time the whirlwinds crit you get 15 fury which you dump using Seismic Slam while the rapid fury gain extends the duration of Berserk.

    The build has two main problems.
    1) The damage output isn't great, almost all your damage comes from the Sprint whirlwinds. Elites take forever to die.
    2) While Berserk makes you immune to all CC, it doesn't do anything about Waller.

    I'd probably use a build slightly different from the video:!ZWb!cbZYcc

    Mainly removing Bash since there's no need for it, replacing it with Furious Charge, that way you have a method of escape when walled/vortexed/whatever.
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    This spec also works with WW. If you got enough crit and enough mobs you can keep WW up for really long.

    This spec is really fun. I tried mine using WW, but with 26% crit, buffed, I can easily get Fury starved without atleast 6+ mobs around me taking sprint-WW dmg.
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    Yeah done it with WW. Finally a build that can make WW work for me, I've been trying to do that since I left Hell. Feels awesome in act 2 Inferno with 40% crit chance, I could even kill 3 different elite packs at once, whirling through 30 mobs. Unfortunately I don't have gear to make it work in act 3 yet.

    The main problem I faced was Zoltan Kulle, because I didn't had enough options to regain my life. I'll try swap nerves of steel for inspiring presence, hopefully I will be able to survive elites still.
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    Quote from Brutus

    u might see this video and think holy shit this is so op .. but its not .. it only works like 1 out of 5 times .. any jailer / waller / shielding / invulnerable minions and ur done .

    Wrath of the Berserker makes you immune to CC, and Seismic Slam breaks down walls.
    Barb @ 60 - Inferno DONE / Wiz @ 60 - Dancing in Whimsyshire / DH @ 60 - Inferno Act III / WD @ 60 - Inferno Act III / Monk @ 60 - Inferno DONE
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