Struggling with ACT II

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    Hi all,

    just bought some gear from AH and actually got a couple of lucky drops from ACT I farming,
    but after stepping on ACT II .... well... I'm getting completely destroyed by almost anything.

    A Bigger pack of white trash sometimes is enough to get me into trouble.

    Soloing a champion pack .. well.. seems impossible, their normal attack hits for over 8k, and the special attack goes way above 25k per hit.

    The only thing i could do was charge/leap away from every mob and go from waypoint to waypoint until reaching the first boss... which drops a couple of blue items.

    I was under the impression that my current stats would be enough to get at least the begining of ACT II on farm, but it seems impossible atm.

    Basically I'm looking for advice as to what should I replace and what is so wrong about my gear/spec:



    EDIT: I'm talking about Inferno difficulty.
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    You need to get more resists. 800. It's was pretty impossible for me too, until I got a new piece with some all res, and it was all good from that point. It would be nice to have a weapon with Life on Hit too, but I think you can pull it off without one.
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    Yeah more resistance, more dmg and if you could get life on hit that would be great. But get more dmg, if you cant get more dmg for just 200-300k you cna gear your enchanters up to do 4-5k dps wich is insane considering your low dps.
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    Hmmm, alrighty then, thanks for the tips I'll keep searching the AH for something afordable.

    Regarding a weapon with life on hit I don't think its doable right now, the prices are completely stupid. (unless I go for a 600dps one).
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    Well you can go for a weapon with socket and put a 300 loh gem in it. That way you get a good weapon with loh.
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    Well yeah, but the gem itself costs as much as weapon with LoH -.-
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    You can try crafting it, i think its arround 300k for crafting the one with 300 loh. And you can get a good dps weapon with socekt for 500k. I dont know how much money you have to know the price range of the weapon you are looking for.
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    Unfortunately, the need to upgrade my resists got me into bankrupcy :
    I'm currently on the 300k budget.
    Will do some runs to increase that :)
    OH, btw, boosted my resistances to 750/810 and I'm noticing quite a difference, altough some champion packs are impossible for me, i did reach the area just before kulle with 5 stacks! Then i got 3 impossible packs in that area and had to reset.
    Killing kulle is not fun either, having to kite for 23 seconds waiting for ignore pain and letting the enchantress dps him :P
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    You should be able to leap 4secs>ignore pain 7 secs>leap for 4 secs then kite for a bit then dps again for ~15 secs.
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    thats what I did! it does take forever tho :P
    Already at Belial man that second phase he has shitloads of health!
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