which 2 handers better???

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    alright, im looking to buy a nice 2 hand weapon. i know how abilities are based off the weapon dmg xx-xx not the dps, but my question really is how much strength on the weapon is worth giving up some damage on the weapon.

    for instance, which weapon will give more dmg with your abilities when u have a base (1144) strength on all other gear

    weapon 1: 1228-1640 damage with 180 strength
    weapon 2: 1304-1773 damage with No strength

    i came up with the 180 strength weapon (altho lower dmg base) will do more damge with your abilities.
    can anyone confirm thats correct or if not tell me how it should be calculated?
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    I would personally go with the one that has the strength on, I believe overall it will be a bigger dps gain. But I don't have anything to really back it up. just something that I go by on my barb and works out well.
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    ill use dmg short for weapon dmg

    dmg * str / 100 = result dmg

    now you have a weapon with 250 more dmg on it:
    (dmg + 250) * str / 100 = original result dmg + 250*str / 100 --> means 2.5 times your strength as extra damage

    now a weapon with the same dmg as the original but 250 str on it:
    dmg * (str + 250) / 100 = original result dmg + 250*dmg / 100 --> means 2.5 times your weapon's damage as extra to your total damage

    So it greatly depends on your total strength, if you have 1000 str and a weapon with average damage of 1000, then 1 str = 1 more damage on the weapon in terms of overall dps.

    In your case the weapon with 180 str is clearly better, and you also get 180 armor on top.
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    thx, its what i was thinking, but i didnt wanna be thinking wrong and going on it for too long.
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