Farm act 2 or continue farming a1?

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    Hey guys!
    So I killed Belial on Inferno a couple of hours ago, and while I feel that I can probably do the first half of act 3 by dying a lot, I would rather farm some gear first, and gear up a bit. So far I've been farming act 1 from the Cursed Hold quest to butcher, so I get 5 valor stacks at the miniboss inside The Cursed Hold (Forget his name) and 5 stacks at butcher, obviously.
    This has not really gotten me any absoloutely great items yet, but has granted me a fair share of gold so I could buy stuff from the AH. Anyway, back to my question, would it be more beneficial to farm something in Act 2 instead?, I was thinking of the Zoltun Kulle questline, get 5 valor stacks, kill Kulle, and then kill Belial since their so close to eachother? And then maybe continue in Act 3, if the valor buff stays when finishing an act (don't actually know if it does)

    Anyway, I'd love some advice, maybe you could share what you're doing, and how that's working out for you!
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    The buff wears off when you start a new act afaik.
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    Quote from Sikk

    The buff wears off when you start a new act afaik.

    This is correct
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    I have not progressed that far in inferno, but if you can easily farm in Act 2, it would be wise to do so. The next tier of items are available in Act 2. The base damage of weapons for the highest tier available increases by 18% between act 1 and act 2. I would assume something similar occurs for armor and jewelry.
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