Inferno act 1 high damage hulk build

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    Now, I don't have the very best gear. For the most part I have been solo-farming inferno act 1 til I'm better geared. I have yet to even make it to act 2, but this build is so friggin high spiky damage that I wanted to share it and see how you all might benefit from it, either in solo or co-op play. Little to no survivabilty thru skills but my logic is this: it's inferno, we are barbs. We're gonna die whether we have more armor or not. We're gonna die whether we use relentless or not.

    If you can pull off the right combo: WotB, EQ, Ignore pain, then start hacking away with frenzy to full fury and let berserker's rage passive kick in, you can pretty much take out anything...or at least a good chunk of the elite pack that's trying to kill you. Overall this massive damage build can reduce the number of deaths it takes to conquer the rares and champions. Oh yeah, and at this point, you shouldve already had Battle Rage with Marauder's rune up. I'm always running around green.

    No mobility, no cc, just pure angry as all heck 'weapon to face' dps. When I'm all buffed out and WotB is up I currently to 44k dps (completely unbuffed: 12kdps), that's not including good ol' (free) earthquake with The Mountain's Call rune. Pound for pound best rune for that skill, imho.

    Ok, so I lied a little bit, my 1hander weapon has 3% of damage goes to life which synergizes with bloodthirst. I do use a shield, as of now. Haven't tried it with a decent 2 hander. I also use Ignorance is Bliss rune on my Ignore pain. That is self explanatory. You see I have two primaries as my attack because I wanna be full of fury. When poop hits the fan and I'm surrounded, boy am I grateful that I have cleave with rupture. It's the ultimate aoe attack. Capable of sweeping clean any number of trash mobs with just a few upset blows. Also, obviously, the more damage you do the more healing you do.

    I'm sure some of you have much more epic gear and would be able to use this build in favor of other more durable builds. It's just so much fun to smash things to bits and pieces. The caption for "berserker's rage" passive inspired the entire concept of this build.

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    I take a similar approach to act 1 inferno...


    I use a 2hander and no resist gear (unless my dps item happens to have resist on it) and plow right through pretty much everything without dying with the exception of a rare pack with shielding, but I usually finish those off without a problem too (They just don't get insta killed by earthquake like all the others)

    The general idea of the strat is to gain fury with war cry before you engage an elite pack, pop battle rage and jump in there and WOTB 100% + EQ no fury cost combo and watch them melt. It's even better if you manage to get high fury beforehand and WOTB EQ with berserker rage up.

    Don't worry, even if they are assholes and run out of your earthquake after you use it, you should be able to kill them with the remaining time on WOTB and keep yourself up via revenge/potions.

    Revenge might seem "defensive" to you and I guess it is, but it also does a shit load of damage and pretty much heals you to full hp if you are pulling tons of stuff at once like you should be. If anything, revenge is the most hulky, bloodthirsty ability we have. We are using the blood and tears of our enemies to empower us! omnomnom

    War cry invigorate for act 1, simply because I don't use resist gear so the impunity is useless and the extra hp gives me a higher chance of killing them before they kill me. The on demand fury is nice too, as it lets you use your burst cooldowns faster.

    Oh, and while frenzy maniac is amazing on bosses if you can keep the 5 stacks up and not have to run away a lot, I prefer sidearm because it acts like a built in cleave, so you can aoe while you single target...and it also does a good amount of damage to bosses as well. The biggest thing is that it essentially frees up a slot that does not have to be wasted on cleave, since cleave is pretty much a waste for boss fights and you can't change your skills if you want to keep your 5 stacks of nephalem valor.

    And IMO, Boon of Bul-Kathos passive is absolutely required for any build with both WOTB and EQ in it. Think about it, if the majority of your damage to elite packs and bosses is based on those two abilties, you will want to be able to use them as much as possible.

    You will get taken to low hp a lot with this build and probably have to use a lot of potions...and you may even die a few times if you get unlucky with revenge procs, but it doesn't happen too often!

    Best of luck!

    TLDR: Keep up 30% battle rage and run right in the middle of rare/champion packs and pop your 4000% weapon damage EQ and collect teh loots!
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    You know, I always wanted to make a build with boon of bul-kathos. I know EQ with a 2hander is devastating, too. I forgot all about revenge, Is that your general aoe ability? I mean you've got sidearm, but thats 2 or 3 enemies tops? I guess overall boon keeps things moving along, huh? I'm gonna give this a shot, I have a decent, yellow 736 dps 2hander with a bunch of vit on it.

    You got any life steal on your weapon? I'm just always thinking old school d2 ww barb with all the life leech i can get lol.

    For single target dps, I think my build has a small edge. With a fast 2hander. Could even switch out cleave and put Revenge on right click, hmm...
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