Belial Solo w/5 Stacks of Nephilim

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    Yeah, I like having the charge for heals and for gap closing (more dps time on boss). You don't need a whole lot of damage to do the fight, as it's not a dps race. As long as you can survive the adds while pumping out enough AoE to take them down (sidearm and revenge), then you're set.

    I mainly use ignore pain for p3 if I get trapped by his meteors, and threatening shout isn't needed I felt like, but I was using it for the elite packs. Wrath of the Berserker is a bit overkill for the fight though, as you don't really hit any parts where you need to necessarily nuke anything.

    I'm currently on my way to larder in a3, but wow.... Those skele's with the giant axe damn near one shot me. Kind of at a stand still until I figure something out there.

    but I kinda feel that I need wrath for the elite packs in a2 :(

    What kind of build are you running with?
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