Detailed video guides for farming inferno as a solo barbarian - acts 1, 2, and 3

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    I've updated the thread with my Act 4 video :D

    I also included a link to a written guide I've made.

    Here's a quick highlight you guys might enjoy:
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    hey mate...can you tell me how much mf you got on the belial kill? I saw u dropped 5 yellows..i was WTF?:D

    I did 5 stacks yesterday went for belial......start putting all my mf on(makes total + stacks of 220)

    He was only 1 mm HP left while I was changing my gear on 3rd fase....and he 1 shot me
    I was OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 1 hit would have been enough to kill it another 10 minuts to kill it lol

    You have good gear with base mf? Becuz my base gear has almost 0 mf, and my mf gear gives me prob - 30k hp -300 all res - 8k dmg...but 200 mf
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    The 5 golds drop was just luck, I may have had like 30% from gear 75% from buffs. Hasn't happened since!

    I've tried swapping in magic find gear at the end of the fight multiple times but never noticed a difference, and I think I would because I have 270% magic find on my mf set. So I just stopped doing it.
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    Hey guys. Someone requested that I make a detailed video on how I play the build, so I made a detailed play-by-play walkthrough which you can find here:

    If you have any questions I'm willing to help out, but please post them in the thread so everyone can see, I often get asked the same thing over and over. :D

    I've also made a video concerning common gearing mistakes that I've noticed from the people that ask me for advice:

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    Just curious what do you do when you get to ACT3 keep and encounter the big group of red skeletons. They don't die fast, they hit for 10k melee hits. (if not debuffed, if debuffed still 7-8k). And they go in packs of 10-15ish.
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    Written guide doesn't work, any one know the exact build with runes that are used for act 3-4?
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    Just wanted to chime in as well after watching the common gearing mistakes, it might also be worth noting that the crafted dread shield can be a nice choice if you get lucky.

    My current best
    960 armor
    28% block
    76 vit
    50 all res
    8% block
    health globes +2255
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    Nuvian, the guide link works for me...

    In any case, here is the build I use:!beV!accZac
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    Hey guys, for all of those that have been asking me how I can afford all of my gear: I just finished my video guide on how to make money :D

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