Whirlwind: More information?

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    Does anyone have observed or hard information about this skill?

    - Does it use your attack speed?
    - Does it take into account dual wield? (the 10% bonus or whatever and alternating weapons)
    - Does it use all of the "on hit" things like bleed effects and life on hit?

    IIRC D2 had complex mechanics specific to Whirlwind like breakpoints and I'm pretty sure didn't apply on hit effects.

    In case anyone is wondering my goal eventually is to try to max out armor/resist and sustain using life on hit instead of max life % based healing attacks like Revenge and Dreadnought although I included ViM mostly for the fury generation. Here is my build for the curious: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WhiQkV!ZYV!cbYYca

    In before 'this fails in Inferno' I know that it won't work without some really godly gear, I am working on A2 right now the tanky/Seismic slam way.
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