Barbarian range build in action (Zoltun Kulle Inferno)

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    That's not what I call a barbarian.
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    That was pretty sad to see.

    Congrats anyways. Are you able to do blue packs in Act2 with this build?
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    Yeah but if the game gives a change to fight at range as a barbarian, I don't see any reason not to use it, if it's useful.
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    Quote from Nathaneal

    That was pretty sad to see.

    Congrats anyways. Are you able to do blue packs in Act2 with this build?

    Nah, still need to use stun + earthquake spec for that.
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    Can't watch the video while at work, but I like the idea of a throwabarb... maybe hoplite (or was that peltast?) style. Sword and board (ideally a spear, because spears are cooler) with the idea of generating fury and expending it on Throw Weapon.

    Playing with!fYb!cZcZaa

    A couple of obvious problems I'm seeing, though:

    - No room for a true defensive skill or cooldown. War Cry and Nerves of Steel help keep your armor high, and Furious Charge+Dreadnought gives you a means of recovering health when fighting packs, but that still leaves you high and dry for anything meatier. You could trade Ancient Spear in for a defensive cooldown (Ignore Pain+Ignorance is Bliss is the most common choice), but that gives you no means of cherry-picking mobs out of a crowd, and at 30 fury, it's also a major fury generator especially if a crit resets the cooldown. You could trade War Cry or Battle Rage in, but that's either a loss of a significant essentially passive armor boost, or the loss of an enormous amount of damage.

    - Not enough passives! Weapons Master is just too much raw damage to pass up, and Nerves of Steel gives great defensive benefits since it encourages stacking VIT anyway. No Escape is also a no-brainer since two core skills are Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw. But there are a lot of really good passives!

    Taking Animosity would ensure you have a constant flow of Fury, as well as a large reserve. Taking Unforgiving would reduce the need for fury generating attacks (Ancient Spear?) and potentially allow other choices. Inspiring Presence gives you further rewards for using your shouts by giving you some life regen beyond Furious Charge.

    I'm not expecting this to be an Inferno build, just for funsies... and for something different, a mix between melee and ranged, while still being pretty tanky. I'm also wondering - would taking Vanguard over Maniac make sense? Would the faster movement speed (allowing you to clear void zones and position better) outweigh the bonus damage?
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