PvE 2H Barb Build

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    Quote from Firehært

    Kelderoth, 8 yards feels like hug range! :)

    For group play with high enough crit, I would rather go with Overpower. Guess it depends on the size of the group as well.
    A build without leap/charge? I'm not sure I would enjoy that!

    I'll most likely make a build similar to this one when I make my second barbarian.

    Oh man, I don't know :) Read somewhere that 8 yards are like caltrops of DH, and that seemed low range to me.. Hope I'm wrong man :) Really hope that, cause that passive is awesome!

    Well, leap/charge... Yes great, mobility... But I have WW, where I Can go through packs and I think it's overestimated.. Leap/charge I mean.. Great skills for sure but I think you can live without them! Just imagine, it's a group build with support of range allys, it's not like you should hop everywhere :)
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