Barbarian Build

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    Hi everyone.
    This is my build:!ZYc!YZbYZc

    Cleave - Broad Sweep
    AEO damage and generate fury too.

    Overpower - Killing Spree
    One of the best skill. Increase my critical hit by 10%

    War Cry - Invigorate
    It get 50% more armor and you will gain X (890) life per seconds.

    Battle Rage - Marouders Rage
    I got more 3% of Critical Hit and 30% damage.

    Revenge - Best Served Cold
    Another fantastic skill. My barbarian will get more 10% Critical hit.

    Leap Attack - Iron Impact (Pode usar earthquake e ancients)
    + 300% Armor

    Ruthless (5% Critical Hit + 50% Critical hit damage)
    Weapon Master (I am gonna use a 2H Axe or Mace, so i will get 10% Critical hit)
    Inspiring Presence (my shouts is doubled and i got 2% of max life per second)

    Damage using Cleave: 186% (156% cleave + 30% BR)
    Critical hit: 38% (10% Overpower + 3% BR + 10% Revenge + 5% ruthless + 10% WM)
    Armor: 350% ( Leap + War Cry)
    Life: 2% max life per second + 890 life per second (Inspiring + war cry)

    What do you guys thing about it?
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    You don't have a lot of skills that spend Fury, it might be worthwhile to get the passive skill Berserker Rage to take advantage of all the excess fury that you will have.
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    If i put Beserker, which skill I choose to take off? Leap?
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    Beserker Rage is a passive skill that gives you extra damage bonus when at full Fury.
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    Ok, but i was thinking that it is a good option to change Leap to WOTB (rune = insanity). I will gain + 10% critical hit + 100% damage. It is a good way to spend my fury for 15 sec.
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    your build is allot like the one im going to use for HC

    and yes WOTB is great for that if you decide to go for lots of crit

    (i don't in my build)
    Game Designer - Micro Design
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