Barbarian Mobility

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    I have heard a lot about the monk's mobility being amazing, however how does the Barbarian fair against it? Can anyone with a beta key please tell me how easy it is to catch a wizard or a demon hunter.

    Also do they have mobility issues in PvE?
    Thinking of making one if I get into the beta, but at the moment I think I would prefer the mobility of the Monk.

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    Haven't really checked out the monk at all cause it's the class I am least interested in. However, the Barbarian has Sprint, Furious Charge, the leap ability (forget the name). Again I don't know how well that compares to the monk but with those 3 abilities I think the Barbarian can compete but may not have an advantage. Also you have to take into account Ancient Spear which pulls the target toward you (A death grip if you have played WoW). And finally Ground Slam with a certain rune skill will pull targets in a certain radius toward you.

    Didn't expect to type so much but hope it helps you.
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    With skills like Sprint and Furious Charge not available in beta I'd still give the upper had to Barb. Leap Attack is insane for mobility. I can only imagine by adding Sprint and Furious Charge into the mix, it would lean even more in favor for Barbarians.

    As for the Monks Dashing Strike, well it can be spam'd and has great range, but you can't leap over gaps, up stairs or over obstacles with it. That is why I'm giving the upper hand to Barb. This is just from my Beta experience of coarse. With runes it can be a whole different ball game, but from what I've seen/read, Barb has superior mobility.


    Now that I think about it, Monks do have Fist of Thunder w/ Thunderclap ruin which teleports you to your target, so maybe this would mean there would be no getting away from a Monk?
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