Barbarian Crit/Speed Build

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    This is the build plan I'll be aiming for in D3. Curious of any comments, recommendations, variations:

    1) Aim for 100% Cirical Hit Chance
    2) Aim for anything that improves Critical Damage
    3) Aim for anything that improves attack speed
    4) Aim for anything that improves Movement Speed (this is is a personal favourite of speeding through the game in a melee Character.

    I'll do a post of skills and followers etc as I collate all the info
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    Logical Follower for this build is the Scoundrel. (the Top Skill in the Enchantress is a very nice Damage buff potential however)
    - Anatomy Skill = +10% Critical Hit Chance
    - Hysteria Skill = + 10% Attack speed half the time while in combat (assuming crits will happen every 3 seconds)
    Hysteria works well as the Soundrel can get a Crit on his own and boost your own attack Speed.

    Barbarian Skill Selection:
    Battle Rage (lev 4) +4% Critical Hit Chance
    Ruthless (lev 10) +5% Critical Hit Chance, +50% Critical Hit Damage
    Frenzy(lev 11) +75% Attack speed (after 5 hits)
    Weapons Master (13) +10% Critical Hit Chance on Maces/Hammers
    Wrath of the Bezerker (29) +10% Critical Hit Chance, +45% Attack Speed, +20% Movement Speed,

    Barbarian Side Skill Selection:
    OverPower (18) + 150% Damage to 9 yards (Cooldown removed if Critical Occurs) - 100% Critical is going to make this Barbarian Build amazing for AOE clearing most likely mixed with Leap and fast movement Speed.
    Sprint (24) + 40% movement Speed (can't wait for this one :)
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    Ohh and I've forgotten the Rune Potentials as well:
    Battle Rage + Alabaster: While under the effects of Battle Rage, critical hits cause an explosion of blood dealing 21% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies.
    Frenzy + Obsidian: While under the effects of Frenzy you gain 16% increased movement speed.
    OverPower+ Crimson: Whenever used, your chance to critical hit is increased by 16% for 4.5 seconds. (if this constantly resets with a super high Crit chance this bonus should stay active while in most combats
    Sprint + Crimson: Increases the movement speed bonus to 60% for 14 seconds.

    Obviously the stats of all these will change through the beta as well as after the game is released but this is a pretty good start excluding any investigation into equipment: (Battle Master has already gone up 5% critical hit chance int eh last beta update)
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    Just doing some Calcs now:

    Crit Hit Chance: 56% chance from the Skills already mentioned (there will be cooldown limitations etc so this is a max chance

    Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 71% damage (21% goes to near buy enemies)

    Attack Speed: 120% speed

    Movement Speed: +80%

    Critical Hitting while using OverPower = 150% damage to all enemies in 9 yards (this is going to rock hard)

    Now I havn't worked out stacking of abilities so these figures are most likely way too optimistic but still this is excluding all gear and makes a damn good starting point for a Crit Chance Build.

    So a weapon doing 100 damage should do 120% more often so would be at 220damage per second, should crit half the time and deal 376damage/sec. This is taking into account any damage increase from the stats which I'm sure there are plenty as well.
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    The way I understand it with followers is that for the Scoundrel you have to choose either Anatomy or Hysteria, you can't have both. Also Hysteria doesn't increase attack speed, only damage.

    It also seems like your main damage dealing skill will be Frenzy, if this is the case you will definately want crimson rune (+75% damage) instead of the obsidian. Revenge runed with alabaster is also very good for increasing crit chance.
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    What does a critical hit actually do?
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    Quote from Frostbite5

    What does a critical hit actually do?

    Base 150% damage, but it can ramp up easily (you start with Ruthless)
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