T13 Speed Bounties (Inarius)

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  • Corpse Lance Visceral Impact
  • Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe
  • Bone Armor Harvest of Anguish
  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Blood Rush Potency
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Final Service
  • Stand Alone
  • Overwhelming Essence
  • Dark Reaping


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Pain Enhancer
    • Wreath of Lightning

Kanai's Cube

  • Reilena's Shadowhook
  • Steuart's Greaves
  • Krysbin's Sentence

Legendary Gems

Bane of the Trapped and Pain Enhancer are the backbone of the build. The third gem slot is open depending on your play style, but here are my suggestions.

Wreath of Lightning: Decent movement speed and a bit of damage. It also zaps breakable objects from a distance to trigger the Armgaurds.

Mirinae: Healing + makes a good elite nuke (useful against juggernauts and bosses)

Bane of the Powerful: A substantial damage increase all around and fantastic for speed running.

Gem of Efficacious Toxin: More bleed damage, but I've never been that impressed with it. I feel like Bane of the Powerful always resulted in faster kills.


Bul Katho's Wedding Band is pretty effective here. Thanks to the 6 piece bonus of Inarius (and several other multipliers) this item actually deals a substantial amount of bleed damage to all enemies within a 5 yard radius (melee range), and is comparable to having another Pain Enhancer (level 80-ish). Using Grim Scythe will bring you within the range required for this ring to work.

For the second ring, either a Stone of Jordan or Convention of Elements is ideal. Convention may be better in the beginning when you need more damage, but with some decent gear and paragon the SoJ will out-perform it for clear times (% Physical Skill Dmg, Crit Chance and Max Essence for secondary are the ideal rolls).

Unity is another great choice, especially if you're running GR 75+ (solo only). The group alternative would be a Ring of Royal Grandeur + Aquila's Cuirass.


It is entirely possible to swap Trag-Oul's Corroded Fang into the cube and wear a Rilena's Shadowhook. This provides a higher base damage but a slower attack speed, and less potential for Crit Chance and other stats. In my opinion it is best to wear the Fang and an offhand with Crit Chance since the Pain Enhancer requires a critical hit to apply it's bleed damage, and the overall damage is not much less than wearing a 2 hander. Additional slots for CDR. Lance skill damage, Vit and other stats are a bonus.

Rings and Amulet

The Endless Walk set is an alternative to Wisdom of Kalan and SoJ/CoE. It may be more viable in the beginning until you find the required items. Wisdom of Kalan is ideal however, since it provides the same effective damage reduction as the Endless Walk set, except you don't need to be moving to maintain it.

Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed

CDR isn't necessary for the build, but it is nice to have. Recommend either 20% or 40% to get an even 1-2 seconds off Bloodrush and 2-4 seconds off Bone Armor.

The easiest goal for attack speed is 1.52 APS. When wearing the Corroded Fang this will require 10% from paragon and 7% from one item (any item). The next breakpoint is harder to achieve and not necessary for this build, but if you are inclined it will require 10% from paragon, 7% on the Fang and 14% from other items.


Lost Time is the best offhand for movement speed as it works together with cold damage supplied by Bone Armor - Harvest of Anguish and the 6 piece set bonus. However, if you don't have a decent Lost Time any offhand will suffice, and you are free to use the Dislocation rune if you prefer it for the stun, which will proc the 300% damage bonus from Krysbin's instead.

Paragon Priorities


Maximum Resource
Movement Speed
Primary Stat


Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Build Guide

This build moves very fast and is very capable against both large mobs and single targets, making it a great choice for T13 split bounties. It can easily be modified to run speed rifts as well in the 70-75 range (2-3 minute average clear time @ GR 70).

Get those Bone Armor stacks up as quickly as possible and don't let them drop! Most of the trash should die from the Pain Enhancer alone, applied by the swirling bone storm. Larger targets may require a "tag" with Grim Scythe. This will bring you into melee range to apply the Bul Kathos ring and apply additional curses.

When you find an elite pack hop in the middle of them with Blood Rush and get a close as possible. They should melt fairly quickly, but we also have Corpse Lance to help here. Visceral Impact offers a 3 second stun to proc the maximum damage from Krysbin's (juggernauts immune, of course). You can also pop Bone Armor for some additional damage and to maintain the stacks.

Against bosses we will be using Land of the Dead and Corpse Lance for the brunt of the damage. Multi-part boss encounters can be tricky, which is where other forms of damage come in handy, such as Mirinae or the Wreath of Lightning gems. Mirinae is the clear winner here, especially at higher gem levels it will act like an elite nuke, and provide some health regen. Wreath of Lightning is less effective for this purpose, but the movement speed is great for bounties.

With very few changes this build can run other content as well.

T13 Speed Rifts


Warzechian Armguards to Nemesis Bracers

SoJ/CoE to Avarice Band

Wreath of Lightning to Boon of the Hoarder

Dayntee's Binding to Goldwrap

Dark Reaping passive to Spreading Malediction. Your aura and pickup radius will be huge, so, bonus!

Wisdom of Kalan to The Johnstone (Optional). The extra damage isn't necessary, but it can make quick work of juggernauts and rift gaurdians early on. Wisom of Kalan isn't really doing much for you as long as the Goldwrap is working, but if the gold drops off the extra damage reduction may be helpful until you get Goldwrap up again.

Speed GR 60-70's


Warzechian Armguards to Nemesis Bracers

Wreath of Lightning to Bane of the Powerful

Harvest of Anguish to Dislocation (the stun effect makes quick work of most elite packs)

Dark Reaping passive to Spreading Malediction (if you don't have recovery issues)

GR 75+

Steuart's Greaves to Corpsewhisperer Pauldrons in the cube

Warzechians to Nemesis Bracers or Ancient Parthan Defenders

BK ring to Unity or RoRG+Aquila's

Wreath of Lightning to Mirinae or Bane of the Powerful, depending on how much survivability you need

Harvest of Anguish to Dislocation