Is Diablo 3 forum the most toxic game forum ever?

  • I think so. Everyone here is so cancerous and toxic. NO HELP whatsoever just random troll comments. No helpers at all. I demand all of you go fok yourself.

    inb4 negs

    bet most of you are botters anyways gg to you.
  • While I appreciate your feedback, this topic, unfortunately, doesn't really contribute constructively.

    Every online community will experience toxicity from time to time. If you'd like to help combat it, there's a few ways you, personally, can help:

    • Lead by example. Probably the most important. When people are in a friendly environment, they tend to follow suit. Responding to questions with friendly, thoughtful responses makes others feel good and want to pass it on.
    • Report offensive or CoC-violating posts. We do have a moderation team, but there's a lot more of you than us! Help us out by using the Report Post feature to flag problem posts.
    • Don't feed the negativity. Most players who troll or insult are looking for a response. Instead, report the post and move on. Our team will handle it from there!

    We love how passionate our community is, and we're here to help. All we ask is that our players follow our Code of Conduct and use the tools provided to report offending posts.