Complaint department / Game suggestions

  • Let me preface my post with this:

    Yes, my points are not valid ( low paragon, low hours, not greatly geared )

    I am a "casual" player, I work a lot and have a family. I pre purchased d3v, and played for a few weeks before I saw issues, and quit until RoS.

    I generally enjoy playing now, most of my time is playing with my wife.

    Now to the suggestion:

    I like to read the forms, to see what people have to say, I enjoy reading the occasional "troll", and I like some suggestions offered.

    I believe the general forum is a little too general, for both the readers, and the community managers.

    I suggest adding the titled two areas within the forums.

    Game suggestions - place to throw out your improvement ideas

    Complaint dept - place to throw your complaints

    With these two, if the CMs or devs want a certain feedback, they are placed nicely in easily grouped spots for review.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Although it's true that having more experience with the game can lead to better ideas, that's not always the case. Similarly, not playing as much doesn't mean your ideas are less valid than those of someone who plays the game a lot. Bottom line: good ideas can come from anywhere, and I'm glad you felt comfortable sharing yours here.

    We've made some changes to the layout and structure of our forums lately, and we'll definitely keep your ideas in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing them, ThrobSteele!