2.4 Patch Delayed Probably Until The Start Of Season 5

  • New starcraft patch scheduled for tomorrow and both wow and starcraft are going to have maintenance. This means No patch 2.4 for Diablo 3


    Things are not looking good and I really wouldn't be shocked if blizzard held the patch till Friday just to get as many new seasonal players as possible. If you've had the time to invest in 2.4 with your non-seasonal classes then your more than likely not going to play seasons, but if you don't have a chance invest time in 2.4 and season 5 comes out on patch day then your more likely to just say what the hell and do seasons.

    All the backlash over the seasonal stash space must have made them so upset that people do not agree with there game design decisions so instead of making a change they decided to by release the patch and seasons together to push more players to start seasons.

    Since your more likely to jump on seasons if you didnt get a chance to invest time into in your 2.4 non-seasonal characters yet. It might sound like a stretch of an idea, but based on the way things look I wouldn't hold it passed them.

    There currently no datamine or patch notice. Considering blizzard took the time to post this about stash space and completely ignore the talk about 2.4's release (they could have confirmed it in the same post) it's safe to say that I was right with my assessment. People just can't seem handle the alternate possibilitiy that favors blizzard to push more seasonal players it seems.

    01/11/2016 05:57 PMPosted by Nevalistis
    We wanted to provide an option for players to acquire more stash space. We are using the Season Journey as a method for players to gain that space. It provides a reason to participate in the season, especially if you have never considered it before. So, starting with Season 5 and with future seasons, players can acquire an additional stash tab by completing the Conqueror stage of the Season Journey; a 6th stash tab is also immediately purchasable for gold for all players.

    I want everyone to know we have been paying close attention to discussions on this topic and we are keeping your concerns in mind. Ultimately, we are glad we found a way in which we could provide additional stash as an option to a large portion of our players.
  • Locking this as the patch is now live.