How many characters do you play in a season?

  • Do you just focus on one? Maybe 2-3?
  • I did two last season, one for Normal and one for Hardcore, but I felt as though I couldn't really give either the attention they deserved. So, for Season 2, I'm focusing on just a Crusader in Hardcore. I think that'll allow me to accomplish a lot more.

    I'm interested to see other answers. Do you create different goals for your different characters if you're playing more than one? Or do you have one goal you plan on reaching with each of them?
  • 02/25/2015 12:25 PMPosted by YurakHunt
    umm She works for Blizzard, I'm sure they get HC revives all the time :P

    Not at all. We play the game on live servers just like you all do; when my HC character inevitably dies (just as it did last season, RIP), I'll be leveling up a brand new one to take its place.

    In fact, my first season goal is building a solid "contingency" set of gear. I'm paranoid, but I'm not entirely convinced you can play it too safe either.