People keep saying that they want the Necromancer back

  • A lot of people keep saying they want to have the necromancer back because of the summoning spells.At least, from the posts I've seen.

    But I have to say, after playing some Diablo 2 during the summer, the summoner necromancer is kinda boring. I only got up to level 50 before getting burned out. So probalby I have to get to level 99 to actually enjoy what the necromancer summoner has to offer.

    The biggest issue I found with the Summoner, though, is that there is very little interaction on your part. There was only 5 abilities I used, summon skeleton, summon mage, summon fire golem, raise ally(?), and lower resistance. Once you already summoned all of your minions, you just need to stand back and let the skeleton army do all the work while you occasionally cast lower resistance.

    The Witch Doctor Zunimassa set ,on the other hand, APPEARS a bit more interactive. I haven't played it yet on either the console or the PC but I have seen gameplay videos of the WD fetish army. It's a bit more on the move than the Necromancer and it requires you to attack the enemy rather than simply reacting to what enemies do(raising a minion that was killed. casting lower resistance to physical resistance enemies.).

    Now I could be wrong. Like I said, I only got up to level 50 and there probalby was something more to the Necromancer than just sitting back and casting lower resistance. If I am wrong, can someone explain to me how?

    Edit: Oh, look. The D2 fans finally got around to this thread. Let me ask you guys something. If the devs do decide to give you this one thing and create a second summoner class.Do you think they'll actually do exactly as you want? Do you really think you'll be allowed to have 40+ minions roaming the map? If they didn't do it for the Witch Doctor, why would they do it for the Necromancer? Honestly, it's a far more realistic desire to have a Necromancer follower.

    Also the only legitimate complaint I can see is that the Witch Doctor does not fill the Necromancer fantasy simply because of aesthetics. Raising fetish dolls isn't the same as raising the undead. Fair enough complaint. But it still hasn't changed my opinion that the Necromancer is a boring class, overall.
  • There's an irony I appreciate in necroing a necromancer thread.

    Doesn't change that I have to lock it, though.