Boy I sure do love this lag

  • It's so much fun when I try and join a game and have to sit in a 30 second load screen, only to be greeted with this message how the game connection was lost. Even better, when I do make it into a game finally and I hit vault to move forward... Only to have nothing happen. So I hit it again, and again, and then finally some 15-20 seconds later I magically Vault 3 times at once...And still end up BEHIND where I was in the first place.

    Thanks Blizzard, that's some quality hardware you got there.

  • Hi all, we do want to help make sure these issues are addressed - however, please understand that there's a number of different things that can lead to these kinds of reports. With that said, the best way of helping to show us what's going on from your side will be to compile a trace route and then post that in the technical forums. There's a recent, ongoing thread regarding the latency which can be found here.

    As ever, thank you for hanging in there!
  • Folks, please understand that when we ask for a trace route we are not putting the blame on your system or the ISP. Oftentimes these reports are not affecting everyone, and as such we have to use supplementary info like that which is obtained from the traces to help us deduce what is causing the issue.

    As you can understand, issues like this are not always as clear cut to address and it helps us to have as much information as possible. If you choose not to provide a trace route, that's understandable - but the information does help us.
  • Hi Draconicus, for this issue it would be best to post in the following thread, which is where I'm going to try and consolidate any of the newer reports.

    Thank you!
  • 04/21/2014 05:58 PMPosted by snowcone17
    i get this annoying !@# item drop lag have to wait 10 seconds every time to wait for something to drop.

    This is something we are looking into as well.
  • Jekka, on a brief sidenote, we're also checking out that toast notification issue. Apologies that I don't have more info to share just yet about that.