Suggestion for console: Remove character caps

  • As the title state, I respectfully request and suggest the removal of character cap or limits. I understand the need for it on PC, but why limit it on console? The data for your saves and characters is saved locally on your system. It doesn't make sense to put a cap on this.

    If it would become a memory issue on someone's system, maybe players shouldn't be making over 9000 characters? Even so, if you need to make more room for your local daves, then just delete your local data for other games or delete a few characters you don't play. Even so, the amount of memory Diablo III uses is tiny compared to other games. So again, how would this become an issue. Ever.

    So please, PLEASE, remove the character limit caps via a patch or at least increase the cap. Should be an easy fix. If not, why not? If this isn't an option, I feel we should at least know why.
  • I'll try to find out why the console version of Diablo III has a limited number of characters, and pass along your feedback while I'm at it. It's a good question, and thanks for asking!