Poor Blues

  • I feel bad for Community Managers. They catch so much hell. They get cussed out, disrespected, treated like filth at times.

    Man...if I had that job, I'd get fired so quick for just snapping and throwing all the negativity back at the posters.

    For real. The Blues are human, with thoughts and feelings. Do YOU like being told off by customers at YOUR job? Do YOU enjoy having people poor mouth YOU all day, especially when YOUR just the middle man passing out the pamphlet? I hope Blizzard has therapists or something to let these guys vent. I can only imagine the things that run through their heads all day after read post after post of pure rage. They don't make the game people! They are NOT developers. All they can do is inform us about thing's that are going on, IF the bossmen say they can, and they can bring community feedback to the developers for us. But there is NO reason to belittle them at all. None. Zero. Put yourself on their side of the screen and think about it for a minute.

    Even worse, when they finally do get information from the higher up's to share with us, they get spat of even more, when all they did was pass along the happenings in the developers meetings.

    I've seen posters literally create topics wishing very, very bad things on the Blues. I'm glad those people get banned or what ever happens to their accounts.

    Come on guys and gals. We're better than this. How can we expect greatness if all the community can do is constantly pound the company with hateful remarks? That's not inspiring them to create something enjoyable. If anything, it pushes the moral down. Would a top notch chef enjoy cooking a masterpiece meal and give it his all if he knew the eater would curse his / her name and toss his food into the dirt? No. He'd half !@# it.

    All I'm saying is, try talking to them as you would like to be spoken to. Instead of automatically doing your best to put them down, try lifting them up. They already have enough on their plates trying to keep us posted on upcoming patches, hot fixes, bug reports, forum harrasement, etc etc.

    Be kind to the Blues and maybe...just maybe they'd be far more willing to share more with us and be more insightful and actually listen to what WE have to say with a more positive, friendly working enviroment.

    Remember : A dog that's always kicked, will eventually bite.
  • And we're done here.

    Before I move on to reading other threads, let me clear up a few things.

    Thing #1: There's no harm in players sharing their concerns or thoughts in these forums; that's in part what they're here for. The only thing we ask of said players is that their complaints and criticisms are voiced respectively and constructively, towards each other and towards Blizzard employees as well. We certainly don't mind the feedback (and, in most situations, openly welcome it), but we do mind harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks -- i.e. things that don't serve to build a community, but instead work to tear it down.

    Thing #2: In case the above point wasn't clear, harassment of other posters in these forums will not be tolerated. It is not okay to harass, defame, or insult another player. It is not okay to harass, defame, or insult a Blizzard employee. If you are found communicating in this manner, you will likely have your post removed and/or be suspended from this website for a period of time (based on the severity of your behavior). Attacking an issue is one thing, attacking a person is another. You're welcome to do the former within these forums; if you wish to do the latter, please seek another venue.

    Thanks. :)

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  • Oh, hey! Forgot to add, If you'd like to provide feedback, we're always willing to accept it: [email protected] (works for all franchise CMs)