Reaper of souls

  • So I bought reaper of souls when will it actually let me update to the new stuff? or is it already done with patch 2.0?
  • It's already done, Speedy. When Reaper of Souls goes live at 9 pm Pacific time (less than 2 hours!), Check out our Reaper of Souls™ Launch Day Preparation for more info:
    Launch Night Login

    Diablo III will be available the night Reaper of Souls goes live and there will be no need to patch or exit the game once the clock strikes GO!

    We advise logging in ahead of time to reduce potential queue times. Once you're in-game and the Reaper of Souls has launched in your region, you'll see a server broadcast message letting you know that the expansion is now available to play. This means you can continuously play Diablo III all night long and jump straight into Act V the moment it’s available!

    Note: In order to access Act V once Reaper of Souls is live, you will need to exit your current game and select Act V from the Quest Select window.


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