A possible good-bye

  • Well ladys and gentlemen

    It so happens that I will be playing beta tomorow. Well so what?

    The problem is that I have a single core processor
    and 1.75gb of ram

    why did i buy this computer?
    A: It was cheap as hell

    Why wont I get another computer
    A: as much as I would like to, I can not spend hudrends and possibly thousands of dollars to play a $60.00 game.

    So tomorow will be the day that I finnaly find out my calculator is uncapable of running this game.

    Im open to suggestions now lol. Is there anything I can do right now or just get a box of tisues ready. What should I do with my life afterwards. Should I keep my forum acc and trolll????

    Well anyways, its been a nice few years being on the forums with you guys.